WE ARE TEAM DENTAL CLINIC The team where you will always find a specialist
ready deal with your dental problem!

We carry out our daily activities in a modern clinic working with highly qualified and friendly dental care professionals.

As the needs of every branch of dentistry are fully covered by highly qualified specialists, we are able to offer a full range of high quality dental services.

To get to know us better, please go through the following section where we present our dedicated team as well as our clinic.

THE BIRTH OF A TEAM The brief story of
Team Dental Clinic

Everything started with a beautiful dream: the dream of building a dedicated team that brings together highly qualified dental care professionals. Doctor Vasile Caia, the founder of the clinic, managed to bring together highly trained specialists in different fields of dental medicine, setting up thus the Team Dental Clinic. Presently we are a numerous team gathering highly trained and fully committed professionals whom you can meet right here on this site, at section “Team”!

Team Dental Clinic is managed by Doctor Vasile Caia and his wife Roxandra Caia, general manager of the clinic, who also coordinates the entire logistic activity.

Dr. Vasile Caia specialized in dental implants, oral surgery,
dental aesthetics

Please meet Team Dental Clinic

We carry out our daily activities in a modern clinic provided with 5 medical consulting rooms, a sterilization room, digital radiology, 2 waiting halls, a lecture room and management offices. The state-of-the-art equipment and the cutting edge technology we employ allow us to provide high quality services as well as the management of dental tourism.

5 Reasons to choose Team Dental Clinic

  • We offer a wide range of dental services with highly qualified specialists available for every branch of dental medicine;
  • You will benefit from latest dental techniques, cutting edge technology and high quality services;
  • You will be able to communicate freely with our professionals;
  • We are patient and we make sure we perfectly understand your needs;
  • Our prices are fully accessible.

Team Dental Clinic is committed to bring the smile back to people’s lips! We are here to help you regain your spontaneous and confident smile.

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