Dental prophylaxis.

Many of us consider the occurrence of decay or periodontal disease as something natural and hard to avoid. The same applies also in case of the loss of teeth. However, this preconception is more than wrong! Our teeth have been naturally designed to last as much as our body. So, it is up to us that they are healthy, and the cheapest and most handy form of treatment is the dental prophylaxis.

As in the case of the diseases that affect our body, it is clear that it is easier and more conveniently to prevent than to treat. Each of us can protect his/her denture against the occurrence of decay and periodontal disease, with a minimum effort. Practice has proven that there are three large factors influencing the occurrence of dental diseases.

The first factor is the Infectious Factor, which is the most dangerous of all. The microbes and bacteria invading the dental plaque are responsible for the occurrence of decay and the gum diseases.

The second is the Food Factor. The food we consume can be a real danger for our teeth. The carbohydrates, or the sugar, can be the ideal food for the aggressive bacteria.

The third factor is connected to the quality of the dental-periodontal tissues or the quality of the quality of the enamel and the dentine. The harder they are, the less danger it is to suffer from dental diseases. Even if genetics has a decisive word to say, there are certain prophylactic methods to improve the quality of our dental enamel.
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