Dental prosthetic

What does the dental prosthetic stand for?

The dental prosthetic is a dental specialty which is focused on the replacement of the missing teeth with artificial teeth. It has a great importance from both the morphological and the aesthetical perspectives. The denture restoration is made based on advanced prosthetic techniques. These techniques rebuild the teeth that have been destroyed or extracted, using various solutions designed to solve both the morphological and the aesthetical problems faced by the patients.

These prostheses can be fix (crowns and dental bridges) or mobile (skeletal prostheses, supra-prostheses and acrylic prostheses).

The dental prosthetic is the dental procedure designed to replace the teeth that have been lost, worn out or destroyed to keep good condition of the cheek bones and the muscles of mastication  which have been affected by the loss of the teeth and, obviously, to provide a clean and neat aspect of the denture, in strict compliance with the patients’ expectations.
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