DSD (Digital Smile Design)

What is DSD (Digital Smile Design)?

Digital Smile Design is the cutting-edge tool the computerized technology of dentistry has to offer. With the help of this revolutionary procedure, the dentist is now able to create a digital model that simulates, right before starting the treatment, the final work. Thus, together with the patient, the dentist can set the details of the future dental work and can evaluate its aesthetical qualities.

How does this procedure take place?

The Smile Test

During this first stage, the dentist uses no equipment and no medication. He/she simply talks to the patient and identifies the patient’s expectations from the treatment that is to administered and how the patients mentally visualise the ideal denture.

The DSD Images
Using the cutting edge technology, the dentist creates several images of the patient’s face, where he/she mainly focuses on the initial condition of the denture and the face lines. These two aspects will be used to create the digital image that will simulate the treatment’s outcome. It is very important to accurately identify the patient’s physiognomy so that the dental work be in perfect harmony with the patient’s usual expression.

The DSD visualization
Based on all this information, the dentist is now able to generate a digital image of how the patient will look after the treatment. To properly inform the patient, the dentist will create several models comprising high-definition images and animations. After going through all images and having everything accurately explained by the dentist, the patient will be able to choose the image which comes up to his/her expectations. In other words, the patient will be able to decide upon the image of his/her future smile long before the treatment is even started.

Digital Smile Design is an advanced provisioning system of highly complex aesthetic treatments. The entire process starts from the pictures and films which are used to create a digital model of the dental work. This digital image goes to the dental technician, who uses it to make a wax model of the future teeth. The doctor introduces this model into the patient’s mouth, covering the current teeth, to see how the work will finally look like. After making all necessary corrections, this model will be used for all future dental works performed by the medical team.

Which are the benefits of this procedure?

Even before starting the treatment, the patient is able visualize an image which is as close as possible to the way the final work will look like.  Consequently, having all information available, the patient, assisted by the dentist, can make the best decisions concerning his/her future look. The patient can test several models of smiles and looks.

This is a rapid and painless procedure which does not need any complicated work.

Not only that the DSD gives both the patient and the medical team a clear image of the steps to follow but it also guarantees a comfortable and aesthetically impeccable outcome for the patient.
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