Like in all branches of medicine, we witnessed a tremendous advancement in dentistry, especially due to the discovery of new techniques and materials.

Dental implantology is one of the modern techniques we can benefit from.

Dental implantology is the surgical specialty designed to replace missing teeth or teeth affected by decay, accidents or periodontal disease. Due to the increasing developments in both the medical practice and the dental techniques, we can now radically improve our health and social life, by improving or even restoring our denture.

Replacing the missing teeth is not just a medical problem or a hygiene-related problem! It is a manner of winning back our self-esteem and, in particular, a method to setting us free from complexes we have in our relationships with the others. This is why dental implantology became one of the most appreciated dental procedures.

Even though we are born with a provisional denture, the so-called milk teeth, that gradually turns into our definite denture which, unfortunately we can rarely keep intact, dental implantology gives us another chance to keep a forever young smile.
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