Inhalation anaesthesia

What is inhalation anaesthesia?

The nitrous oxide which is inhaled by the patient once with the oxygen produces a state of conscious relaxation, eliminating anxiety, so that the patient feels no pain, but at the same time he/she is able to cooperate with the dentist. The effect of the anaesthesia lasts for as long as the gas is administered, and the moment the administration is stopped, the gas effects disappear instantly.

Is inhalation anaesthesia safe?

It is the safest anaesthetic method used in dentistry. The nitrous protoxide is a harmless gas for the body and it is eliminated from the lungs immediately the gas administration is stopped. This is why it is recommended for both the adults and the children, offering a state of relaxation and comfort.

Which are the advantages of sedation with nitrous protoxide?

This is an anaesthetic method which acts quickly, almost immediately after it has been administered. Additionally, the level of sedation can be controlled until the patient reaches the maximum degree of relaxation. After the anaesthesia is interrupted, the recovery is very fast, lasting for up to several minutes.

 What does inhalation anaesthesia do for us?

It makes the patient the patient more relaxed eliminating thus the inherent anxiety induced by the visits to the dentist.

It eliminates the pain without affecting the patient’s capacity to communicate and respond to stimuli.

It eliminates the vomit reflex that can occur during the treatment.

It makes the treatment more efficient, shortening the number of sessions.

Is the classical injection anaesthetic still necessary?

If you need surgical treatments, nerve extirpation or the treatment of deeper decay, the association of inhaled anaesthesia with the local anaesthesia though infiltration is highly recommeneded.
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