Inlay onlay

What are the inlay and onlay dental incrustations?

The Inlays and the Onlays are dental restorations being, basically, a more advanced form of the classical filling. They offer a more durable and a superior aesthetic outcome compared to the classical fillings that use amalgams.

Compared to the standard filling when the cavity of the sick tooth is filled with a certain substance during the treatment, the inlays and the onlays, made of porcelain or special resins in dental labs, are bonded in position.

The difference between the inlays and the onlays is as follows: the inlay implies that the material is bonded in the centre of the tooth, filling the cavity, while the only is in fact a dental work involving a larger expansion on the surface of the tooth.

They both strengthen the tooth structure having, at the same time, an aesthetic function.
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