Mobile prosthesis

Mobile prosthesis

This is one of the most frequently used methods when replacing the teeth. It is recommended when the patient has a significant number of teeth and the placement of the fix prosthesis is impossible.

This prosthesis can be partial, when the patient has enough teeth on which it can be fixed, or total, when it replaces the entire denture. A mobile prosthesis can be supported on the gum. As it has certain degree of mobility, the patient will need a period to adjust wearing it.

Prosthetic clasps

This is a partial prosthesis mainly designed for the patients who although have lost an important part of their denture, still have enough teeth, which are correspondingly positioned. The prosthetic clasp has a metallic frame made of a very hard alloy, which is supported by the natural teeth. The acrylic material teeth imitating the natural teeth are put in on this frame.

Telescopic prosthesis on implants

The telescopic prostheses fixed on implants are called ”overdenture” (or “overlapped denture). Special telescopes on which the prosthesis will slide are placed on the implants.  This is a type of prosthesis considered much more comfortable and successful from the aesthetic point of view.
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