The Orthodontics is a dental specialty targeting the correction of teeth’s position on dental arcades and, all dental abnormalities, such as distorted teeth or tight teeth, the spaces between teeth, the missing teeth or the large number of teeth.

To remedy these deficiencies, the dentist recommends wearing orthodontic appliances. These devices are designed to apply light pressure on the teeth and check bones, correcting thus the defects in time by successive adjustments of the devices. If in the past, the orthodontics addressed to children alone, in the present, due to the outstanding developments in the medical technique, it offers reliable solutions to solve all types of dental defects in adults, too.

The orthodontic appliances can be either fix or mobile devices which are customized for every patient, depending on the patient’s morphology and the targeted effect. There are also invisible orthodontic appliances, for those who do not wish the appliance be noticed by those around them.

Not only that the orthodontic treatment improves the aesthetic aspect but it also influences the teeth health, because tight teeth or distorted teeth cannot be adequately cleaned and they can foster bacteria deposits which will later cause severe decays.

As we well know, the manner in which we chew the food influences not only the health of our teeth but also the digestive system, so the teeth correctly aligned will process the food correctly and will allow a better oral hygiene.

 How do the mobile orthodontic appliances actually operate?

They are called mobile devices because they can be taken out both by the doctor and the patient. They are fixed on the dental arcades by means of mouth guards, and the movement of teeth to the correct position is provided by adjusting the special screws or wire elements. These dental appliances shall be permanently worn; some may be removed during meals.

A separate category of the mobile appliances is represented by the functional appliances. These appliances move in the oral cavity, so that the patient must keep the mouth closed when wearing them. They are usually used during night or when the patient does not have to talk.

 What is a fix orthodontic appliance?

The fix appliance is a sophisticated and expensive appliance that can be put in or drawn out solely by the dentist or the dental care professional. It is anchored by means of certain rings (called brackets) made of different materials such as metal, ceramic and plastic. The appliance operates based on an arc that pushes the teeth to the wanted position.

What is the fixation?

The fixation is the final stage of the orthodontic treatment. Its purpose is to stabilize the outcomes we achieved so far. The moment you remove the appliance, the teeth have the tendency to come back to the position they had before the treatment, and this is why this procedure is necessary to assure the stability of the tooth on the right position and a muscular re-balance too.
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