Porcelain veneers

What are the porcelain veneers ?

The porcelain veneers are, as the name says, very thin ceramic films approximately half of millimetre width which cover the imperfections of the natural teeth. They hide the broken, spotted, cracked teeth or even the defects caused by the position of the teeth.

These veneers are made by the dental technicians according to the particularities of every separate tooth and depending on the patient’s intention. The teeth to be covered by these ceramic films will undergo minimum preparations, just as to assure the adherence and preparation for bonding the special adhesives conceived for this purpose.

This technique has numerous advantages, starting with the aesthetic benefits, due to the porcelain which perfectly imitates the colour and texture of the natural teeth, and ending with the teeth’s resistance and biocompatibility. Additionally, the ceramic veneers will preserve the teeth’s initial colour.
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