The steps of dental implant

First appointment: Diagnosis and drawing up the treatment scheme

The first step consists of a full medical exam which includes X-rays, photographs and the study model. The fundamental treatment coordinates are set out based on this first exhaustive medical exam: i.e. the number of implants, their type and position(s). Thus, patient receives a detailed treatment scheme which comprises the procedures to be accomplished, with alternative proposals, if applicable. The patient will also benefit from an estimate of the treatment period and the costs.

The surgical phase: Insertion of dental implants

This is the phase when the implants are inserted into the bone and, if required, the bone tissue augmentation, or the gingival grafts are also made. The provisional works are also completed too. The suture threads are removed after a week or so following the surgical intervention. The next four to six months are known as the healing period when the implants are fixed and strengthened into the bone mass.

The prosthetic phase: the definite teeth

After the implant is soldered to the bone, the last phase of the treatment implies final anchorage of the dental work. We start by taking the dental print which is then sent to the dental laboratory where an individualized work is made to be tested by the patient. If it complies with the patient’s needs, the final anchorage of the dental work is to be completed.
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