Zirconium / titanium abutments

Which is the difference between the zirconium abutment and the titanium abutment?

The zirconium abutments, although are a relatively recent presence in the dental practice, they soon became extremely popular due to their mechanical qualities, but also due to their white colour and transparency similar to that of natural teeth.

The zirconium abutments are particularly recommended for the frontal areas because they have a lighter colour, similar to the one of a healthy tooth root. Thus, even if, in time, the gum will draw back, the aesthetic effect will remain unchanged.

The titanium abutments are most often used due to the special quality of this material, which has an excellent resistance and is very well tolerated by the body. Therefore, these abutments can be used on a large scale in the reconstructive medicine, surpassing thus the borders of dentistry.
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