She is a senior student at the Faculty of Dental Medicine within the “Victor Babes” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara. The accurate information she delivers merged with the therapies impeccably administered to her patients and interlaced with her adherence to the ethical principles are just some of the best qualities on which her professional training is based. She finds inspiration in everything that surrounds her: the wonderful people with whom she works; the friendly environment of this clinic; the commitment and dedication proven by her peers, the entire TEAM that gave birth to the„Team Dental Clinic”. Even from her early childhood she has been fascinated by the beauty of details, the magnetism of those little secrets standing right in front of us and, last but not least, by everything that really gives birth to BEAUTY. She likes to identify and cherish that particular, sophisticated and non-replicable beauty which everyone has in his/her own nature, personality and physiognomy. She holds a proficiency certificate in Computer Science: C++, FoxPro ,HTML programming, Access. She studied violin and aesthetics and she holds a qualification diploma in hairstyling and make-up.
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